“What are you doing?  I find my checkbook laying out and you wrote two checks in my name? What the hell!”  Rachel spewed out.

“I already cashed mine.  You owe rent.  I should be mad at you.  You could at least have the decency to contribute.”  Samantha was hiking it to her next location to meet with the administrator of the foundation.  They would have the full million once Rachel’s check was deposited as cash. She just needed to keep Rachel on the phone, while the transaction was occurring.

“How can you do this without asking me?  It’s fraud.  You of all people should know what’s legal.”  Rachel said.

“I know.  I know all about your husband and his dirty ways.  I’m not like him.  I just thought that you should deliver on your promises.  Did you forget about that?  You were holding out on me.”  Samantha was on the elevator to the second floor, walking out briskly as she waved to the administrator.

“I told you I was going to do it once the divorce has been finalized.  I thought you trust me.  I didn’t keep any secrets from you and I thought you said that was enough.  What happened?”  Rachel said.

“You were holding out on me.  That’s a secret.  We need the money now.  It’s for our cause.  Everyone else had contributed and you had your chance to change your mind.  You said that you still would.”  Samantha snapped back.

“You’ve stolen my money!  A quarter million!  Me and my husband’s money!  Not ALL mine. Did you forget it’s a joint account? He’s going to know.”  Rachel was shaking out of anger.

“So, what.  It’s your money too.  You took the money.  Not me. He doesn’t have to know.  He owes you for all the pain and misery he has caused. Let him rot.”  Samantha said softly, waiting for the administrator to take the check to the cashier.  It was done. The money was cashed.  They had their million.

“I told you I’m not gay.  I don’t even know if I want to contribute anymore.  I’m going to stop the check.  I’m sick of you.  I can’t believe I was stupid enough to trust you.”  Rachel was livid.

Samantha was on her way out of the bank.  “So now you’re not gay.  You’ve been with me for about two months, right?  And in my bed, playing with me?”

“I can’t believe I was doing that either!  The thought of it disgust me, but I had nowhere to go.  Desperate people do desperate things, Samantha!  I guess I was desperate.”  Rachel said smugly.

“Oh, you did it because you’re desperate?  You’re full of it.  You’re just as gay as I am.  Who do you think you’re fooling?”  Samantha said.

“I’ve never been gay!  Never!  This just happened.  I was scared and confused!  I had no home!  Nothing!” Rachel said.

“You’re a liar!  You said you liked it!”  Samantha said as she reached her building.

“What’s gay anyway!  Gay, gay, gay!  Who cares about that anyway!”  Rachel yelled.

The door flung open.  Samantha still had her phone to her head, red as fire.  Rachel dropped her phone on the floor as the door slammed shut.

“You’re going to jail.  You stole my money!”  Rachel said.

“Bullshit.  You gave it to me.”  Samantha shot back.

“Impossible.  It’s not my handwriting and it’s not my signature!  You’re going to pay for this!”  Rachel screamed.

“I’m not paying for anything.  You’ve been freeloading off of me since you got here. I’ve been nothing but kind and this is what I get from you?  I don’t give a crap.  And for your information your gay!”  Samantha said.

“No!  Gay is shit! Like you!  I want my money back.  I’m stopping the checks.”  Rachel walked over to her laptop and logged on to stop payment of the two checks.

“Don’t bother, they are both cashed.  You gay bitch!”  Samantha said.

“Gay!  I’m not at all gay.  Stop calling me that!”  Rachel said terrified to see that her checks were in process and could not be stopped.

“Gay is being free.”  Samantha said.  “Did you forget the freedom you had here?”

“Free?  Free is in your mind.  What you want to be.  My mind is free.  It’s not a lifestyle.”  Rachel said. Rachel ran into the bedroom and started throwing her clothes in her suitcase.

“Free…”  Samantha heard the rustling and then followed her into the bedroom to see what she was doing. “You’re going back to HIM?  Over this?”

“No, I’m going back to me.”  Rachel said.

Samantha grabbed her bag from her and emptied it on the bed.  “You’re not leaving.  Every time you have a fight with someone you want to runaway, but not this time.  You’re not going anywhere.”

“Give it to me.”  Rachel grabbed the suitcase.  Samantha pulled it away again from her, flinging it against the wall and partially shattering the dresser mirror near where it landed.  Rachel stormed out of the room to the living room, racing out of the apartment with her pocketbook.  Samantha chased her into the hallway of the apartment blocking her from pushing the button to the elevator.  Rachel then ran to the end of the hallway where the stairwell was and pushed open the door so hard that it caused a dent in the wall.

“Where are you going!  I’m not finished talking to you!”  Samantha yelled.

“Leave me alone.  You can’t keep me here.”  Rachel said as she pulled her arm vigorously away from Samantha’s clutch.  Samantha tripped over Rachel’s feet, falling onto the stairs and rolling down a flight hitting her head on the concrete floor.

“Shit!”  Rachel said. Samantha was knocked unconscious.