The speed of the motorcycle was incredible.  It was a massive offensive difference from her glider. Robin’s new house was across the other side out of the city, but he agreed that he would take her there instead of the mechanic.  Mr. Wolfson drove the motorcycle with ease.  Yet, Robin wasn’t sure if he could see much of anything.  There were near misses, bumping the curbs and turning the cycle too close to a 45-degree angle that she thought she was going to fall off of it.  Not to mention she didn’t have a helmet and the wind from going too fast was causing bugs to hit against her skin like little pebbles turning into boulders.  She dared not open her mouth.  Another ongoing problem was that her butt still felt wet. She was hoping that by the time she got to her house it would be dry as she eased it up and off the seat a little.

Mr. Wolfson swerved off the highway ramp into the town where she was going to live.  It was a huge relief for Robin, because it meant she was almost there.  But instead of stopping at the yellow light turning red, Mr. Wolfson sped up and took the right turn with a screeching sound. He looked back to check for the police, something that Robin thought he shouldn’t have done.  When he turned his head back around, it was too late to move out of the way.  A goat was crossing the road.  Mr. Wolfson turned and slammed into a tree off the road, causing both him and Robin to fly off the motorcycle.

“My leg!  What have you done?” Robin landed on her side, luckily not causing impact to her head.

Mr. Wolfson was already on his feet with his helmet still on.  His glasses were cracked, which gave him many eyes underneath.

“Are you okay?  It’s that damn goat.”  Mr. Wolfson helped her up to a sitting position.

“The good thing is we’ve got a goat.  I can share it with you if you want.”  Mr. Wolfson asked.

“I’ve almost died and you’re asking me to share a goat?  Are you mad?”  Robin was furious.

“Look I offered you a ride.  You needed my help.  It’s the goat you should be mad at.  This could have happened to anyone.”  Mr. Wolfson moved about shuffling the debris.

“What are you doing?” Robin asked.

Mr. Wolfson smiled showing his missing teeth which left two crooked fangs protruding from his mouth, like a true wolf.  Robin burst out laughing.

“You think this is funny.  I know they weren’t the best things on me, but I need them.”  Mr. Wolfson said.

“Why?  Now, you have to get them fixed.”

“No!  I’m not going to the dentist.  I need them. Help me find them.”  Mr. Wolfson pleaded.


“The better to eat you with!” Mr. Wolfson laughed.

Robin laughed.  She’s heard that before.

“You’ll never eat me.”  Robin got up to help him look for his missing ugly teeth.

After searching, they found it near the dead goat.

“You see.  You will never eat me.”  Robin laughed.

“Maybe not today.”  Mr. Wolfson said.

Robin blushed.  She was embarrassed from the ugly man’s flirtation.

“Keep your mind elsewhere.  I barely know you.”  She said.

“Yet, you took a ride with me and we are out here in the woods on the way to your home.”  Mr. Wolfson said as he placed his teeth into his pocket.

Robin shivered as he spoke.  Her house was out of the city in a rural area.  The goat was dead.  She had the sticker to her Glider and no one knew where she was.  She didn’t tell her father where she was going.  She was alone with a man she didn’t know.

“Just relax.  I’m not going to do anything to you.  I wouldn’t hurt you.”  Mr. Wolfson took out his phone.  “See this? I’m going to call for help okay.”

Robin was relieved, but then she remembered Blue Bee and her words about safety.  What if Mr. Wolfson was calling his friends to help attack her?  Right now, she wished she was Rachel Ray or Blue Bee and not Robin.  But all she saw was Robin in the reflection from the motorcycle.  All she can depend on was Robin.

Robin saw Mr. Wolfson try to punch numbers into his phone, but he kept messing up.  His well-manicured nails were too long.

“Here let me help.”  Robin said.

“No, I have three numbers in already.”  But Mr. Wolfson continued to fumble.

Robin grabbed the phone from him and called the police before he got the chance to get his phone back, they picked up after the first ring and said hello.  Mr. Wolfson grabbed the phone back, hanging it up immediately.

“What are you doing?”  Mr. Wolfson said.

“They picked up!” Robin smiled.  That meant they had her location, Robin thought.  Robin started to walk away.

“Where are you going?  I think I can get the motorcycle to work.”  Mr. Wolfson said.

“No, there’s no room for me on that bike with the dead goat.”  She grinned as she kept on walking.

“I can stash it somewhere and come back and get it.  I thought you may want some.  It was just an offer.”  Mr. Wolfson picked his bike up and attempted to start it.  It was ready to go.

“See it’s working.”  Mr. Wolfson slowly rode alongside Robin.

“No thank you.  I can walk the rest of the way.”  Robin said.

“Do you really want to walk looking like that?  A stained-up pants, a dirty red cape, and on this gloomy day in all black?”  Mr. Wolfson said.

Robin was embarrassed. Her pants were stained up and it wasn’t from sweat. She definitely looked a mess, but she was stronger than that.  She took her cape off and tied it around her waist, hiding her stain.

“No, thank you.  I told you already.  Stop following me.  I don’t care how I look.”  Robin continued her pace.

“I just want to see you safely home.”  Mr. Wolfson said.

“Don’t worry about that.  The police will be here shortly.  They have your phone signal.  They’ll drive by here to make sure everything is alright.”  Robin said.

“And what do you think they will find?  A dead goat and a messed-up girl.”  Mr. Wolfson said.

“I’m not a girl.  I’m a young lady and I know how to get where I’m going from here.  You better stay away from me.”  Robin insisted.

“Or what?  Come on, I swear I won’t bite.”  Mr. Wolfson smiled, but Robin kept her pace.  He reveled up his bike making a loud noise to scare her, but she continued.

“We are two of the same kind.  We both have the same issues.  Don’t you see that?”  Mr. Wolfson said.

“I’m nothing like you.  I look nothing like you.  I don’t act like you.  I am not you.”  Robin said.

“Yeah, but we are both going to the same place.  We both have car issues.  And we both can’t see what is right before us.  You can’t see that I’m the perfect man for you and I can’t see how truly beautiful you really are, but I know you are.”  Mr. Wolfson said as he fiddled with his glasses.

“You’re a sick man.  We are not alike.  We have nothing in common.  No association what so ever.”  Robin said.

“And yet I have your keys you dropped.”  Mr. Wolfson grinned.

Robin stopped quickly checking her cape pocket.  Her keys were gone.  They must have fell when she was thrown off the bike.

“Give them to me!”  She yelled.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll give them back if you smack a big one on my lips.”  Mr. Wolfson smiled.

The police had turned down the side road and slowed down.  Robin was relieved.  She waved at them.  Mr. Wolfson drove off in panic.

“Oh, my goodness, that man almost rape me!”  Robin’s heart was racing.

“Calm down ma’am.  What happened?”  The police said.

“He killed that goat back there.  He has my keys.  But he doesn’t know where I live.  I need to change my locks.  My father he doesn’t know I’m out here and…”  Robin words ran into one another from sheer excitement.

“Why don’t we call your father?  Maybe he can clear this up.”  The police said as she entered the police car and drove away.

“But my house!  What if he figures out where I live?” Robin asked.

“Did you tell him?”

“Not exactly.  I was showing him, because my glider died on me.  I needed a ride, but things got out of hand and he got into an accident.”  Robin explained.

“Lucky thing.  That guy looks like bad news.  Things happen for a reason lady.”  The police said.

“You’re right about that.”  Robin said.  She was never going to be someone else.  She just wanted to be Robin and see everything as how Robin should.  The first thing she was going to do was sell her house and get a new one, with the help of her father.