The processes.  

Our mind develops when we are introduced to new things that we must try to understand.  Sometimes I wonder if people learn to think differently, where would we be right now?  

We are taught to follow a certain process in learning things and to gain an understanding.  We go to school and study medicine or engineering and find that after graduation we can then utilize our knowledge to expand.  But the question is, “are we expanding our knowledge differently or are we expanding our knowledge in the same manner to yield the same result?”  

For example, if we set out to design a “mobile”, how many different ways can we make one?  I won’t use the word “car”, because I find it to have a limited definition, while a mobile is simply anything that moves.  

The first kind of process to make a mobile is to make the engine first and then the style.  With this process the designer may come up with different ways to make the engine, but the engine format may still be the same.  Maybe it will be smaller or larger, maybe it will have the same components with new improved parts; but for the most part the format will be consistent and barely change over time.  The style then is framed around the engine, leaving very limited changes for innovation.

The second kind of process to make a mobile is to make the style first and then the engine.  With this process the designer may make a stye that looks like a fan, a boat, a box, a banana, a flower petal, or take any shape that can be imagined.  Then the engine is incorporated within the design.  The designer now have to think brand new thoughts to create the engine, for the same kind of engine may not fit into different shapes, no matter what the size.  If the mobile is shaped like a thin petal, the designer may make the engine within the structure of the petal; where the engine is as thin as a petal and unnoticeable, like the lining in a jacket.  The engine may require less parts.  Even still, the petal may only move a certain way, requiring the designer to come up with engines that help the petal moves smoothly in the way it can only move.

We must learn to shape our way of thinking by trying new processes in developing new things and like always keep the environment in mind.  There is no technology race to be better than another.  It’s about sustainability.  It’s always been about sustainability.  If we learn how to be sustainable on one environment called earth, who’s to say that we won’t learn how to be sustainable on other kinds of earth environments.