But he didn’t get far
He broke the glass
Unlocked it from within
Then jumped in

Slammed the door
Made the peddle hit the floor
But he remained in parked
And he couldn’t begin
He jammed the gear
Into the rear
Then hit the peddle again

Smashing in
The very thing
He was trying to avoid
Oh, dear!

It was an unmarked
Police car
He was not aware

So the man in blue
Heard a commotion
And immediately knew
What to do

Hey you!
Get out of there
He was near
Ian was still unaware

Until the man in blue
Reached into the Kar
And told Ian
I’m bringing you in

Who are you?

I’m the unmarked man
You slammed into
After you made a dash
In here

Ian realizing
He was dashing
For nothing

Come on
Said the man in blue