A Sick Revenge

Jones’s team was off the books. They worked in secret not trusting anyone in sight.  The threats that the receivers got were excessive.  They were now called the special people.  They were left in desperate circumstances to make deals for their survival.

The breakthrough came just in time.  The givers were infected with an epidemic and was continuously passing it on to the special people.

“I’m proud,” Jones proclaimed as he gave a toast to his team.  They were at his favorite restaurant with a full dose of their formula inside of them, watching people walk by, spreading their sickness.

“You got to tell me how you did it.  I know it works, but how?”  He smiled as he took a sip of drink.

“I took a wild card, because everything else was failing.”  Corey said. “We have all the information on the miracle seed, but not everything from the old dead witch.”  They laughed at the notion that the witch was dead.

“Yeah?”  Jones pushed.

“Well, instead of trying to destroy it I decided to enhance it.  Change the deviation of it.  I increased the multiplicity so much that it started to destroy itself from lack of storage space.  It caused fusion.  The other stuff is too complicated for me to explain.  All you need to know is that it works.”  Corey said.

“No side effects?”  Jones said.

“None whatsoever.”  Corey grinned.

The release of the product went faster than expected with Jones help.  He also took a page out of the dead witch desperate madness and made sure that he profited from his investment.  The witch was right, there was no need to wait on the government for help and that includes financial help.  But they weren’t going to be greedy, they priced it out reasonably.

The company that his team formed became just as famous as the witch’s.  He was now a businessman, not a numbered government employee.  The media spread the news like a cure to a plague.

Jones sat on his couch enjoying his cold beer when the phone rang.

“Yeah?” He said.

“There’s a problem.  Side effects.  I thought that… I, we didn’t see it.  But maybe we did things too fast.  But what choice did we have.  They were hurting us, killing us.  What do they expect?”  Corey stuttered his words.

“Slow down, what are you talking about?”  Jones grimaced.

“They’re getting sick. The givers.  The side effects.  Their sickness is increasing, minimizing their ability to have time to pass it on or to have the medicine work.  And there’s more.”  Corey said.

“More?”  Jones sat forward panicking.  “He was getting sued,” he thought.  The company was going to court, unless he can shift the blame somehow. It was a disturbing thought.

“Us.”  Corey couldn’t grasp the idea either.  It was a positive change for them from a glitch.  “We can do things.  It’s increasing our defenses.  There are some that can move things.  It’s incredible.  I saw it myself.”  Corey said, remembering his test subject.

“What?”  Jones said bemused.  The suing thing was over.  The notion left him as soon as it came.  The government had a new problem that his special team would have to fix, and it was them.