To Get Rid of Addictions

Remove what enters me
That I cannot see
That devours me
And what I crave to be
A necessity.

Tame my heart
From the start
Let me control me
No others can
Follow me.

Pamela read the incantations to herself as if she was dreaming. Her head was still very light and things were very dizzy. The words didn’t make sense to her and she felt uncertain. How could this be a spell to get rid of addictions? It didn’t make any sense, but the title to the page said “To get rid of addictions”. Yet, the words didn’t support the title. Moreover, there was something strange about the last verse “follow me”. Those words of incantation she had already used to get to this point in her life. What if she said those words and everything was taken from her? Her mind was dizzying her thoughts.

She needed more of that stuff that her boyfriend left her. It would clear her mind and make her think straight. Her body needed it. She flipped through the pages trying to find another incantation that made sense. There was some kind of mix up. There had to be.

The whispers, “Just read aloud. It’s okay. You’ll be okay.”

Pamela leaned back on the bathroom wall catching her breath. She was exhausted and hungry. It was a nightmare she was living and it had to stop. No more roller-coasters. Her eyes stayed on the book, trying to balance herself. It looked different. It was almost as if it had repaired itself. She had gotten the book from a homeless guy. There were some pages torn and stained. Now it looks as if the pages were brand new and the leather cover cleaned. Unless she was hallucinating. Everything around her seemed surreal.

The page was on “to get rid of addictions”. She could have sworn that she had left it on another page trying to find a different incantation. Pushing herself, she took the book and read out loud the incantation. It was slow and methodical reading, her body was giving up and she knew she was going to faint. Every word she uttered came with a deep breath. At the last verse “follow me”, she fainted.

stay tuned for final…