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The Future of Energy

To some, they perceive energy as a continuous source that cannot be created or destroyed. Energy that is all around us, is being used for many different things and sometimes used very impractical and is misused. Moreover, there is a continuous problem of abusing energy and depleting the natural resources to harness energy. With the global climate change, we need to start to think outside of the box to offset extreme abuses and move toward maintaining a sustainable renewable energy. Understanding the capability of a better concept where energy can be created and can be destroyed, would help move us forward in changing its use. Think about energy as a life form and without it there is no life. Read more about the future of energy.


CRISPR had been buzzing around in the past few years, developing into a full potent bee ready to sting. It had excited many scientists and people who wish to make improvements to their health, when hope had been lost. Dynamically, it has given the idea of a perfect future. Read more about CRISPR.

Daylight Savings

Most people in the United States are used to adjusting their clocks twice a year to conserve energy. They set it to follow the natural light pattern with their daily activities. During summertime when the day appears to be longer, we give ourselves that extra hour of time and in winter we take that time away. But is it really necessary? The majority of the world does not feel the need to manipulate time in this manner and still they manage to conserve energy. Read more about Daylight Savings.

Climate Change

Climate change, some may believe, does not exist; but for the vast majority it is very evident. It had contributed to increase in diseases and to natural disasters. The difficulty to make a change in a positive direction rests with the fact money is tied to the problem. We must overcome the problem by making immediate drastic changes to better serve our precious environment. Read more about climate change.

The Rock

You would think the debate whether the earth is flat or round had ended. Yet, it resurfaced again with the backing of conspiracy theorists; and the notion that the government is not telling the truth. In history, the europeans once believed that if they travel too far in their exploration, they would fall off the edge of the earth. That is why they were careful not to explore beyond their means. It would be a daunting blow if their ships actually sailed right into a waterfall to an abyss of galactic space, where they would never be seen again. Read more about the rock.