The ancient aliens landed you see.  They moved around in the dark hoping to find something.  They couldn’t find life anywhere or how to be.  They settled in the spirits that be.  Hosting in the shadows of borrowed time hoping to find life for self preservation, but it just couldn’t be.

The light flickered, dying in the midst and they know not how they appeared.  It was just a mere reflection, an after thought, of how they should be.  They wore slits in their eyes gasping for air out of necessity.

Until finally the day came when they ran out of time in living under the sun and in the sea.  With nowhere to go, they feared what they do not know and out of desperation tried to jump into me.

But I am not of their kind.  I am of mind and body.  I say,

yeah I walk through the shadows of demons that try to be me.  I fear no evil no demon is inside me.  My mind and my body comfort me because they know me.

Like a hare that has nowhere, it jumped you see right out of me dissipating into nothingness that can’t be seen.  For existence of the aliens has expired and no recycling for it to be.

-J. Batten