I’ve found that as a writer it is difficult to choose the best software out there.  After struggling with Microsoft Word in preparing my novel, I’ve discovered freedom.  Scrivener.  It is the most recognized and respected writing application out there.  Not only can you break down the novel into chapters with ease, you can rearrange the order, make notes, outline, develop your characters, your scenes, your places and much more.  I wished I’ve learned about it years ago.

After writing the novel in Scrivener, I then compile it into Microsoft Word.  Yes, I still have to deal with Word.  Unfortunately, editing takes place in word, especially when you are dealing with editors that uses just that program.  If you are interesting in becoming a self published writer, know that it gets very involved.  Editing is not the last step.  You then have to design the book cover and the interior layout.

I use Serif Page Plus and Serif Draw Plus for creating my book covers and interior layout.  It’s an affordable alternative to Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.  Not to mention the learning curve is much quicker.  Give it a try.  If all else fails, you may have to upchuck money to get the job done.