It wasn’t my interest in cosmetology that did it.  It was the characters and the image that comes with cosmetology.  It’s an industry that all walks of life can enter.  You don’t need a degree.  You don’t need lots of money.  I thought that it entailed good customer service and dedication for the field.  But I’ve learned not everyone thinks that way.  Like most students, they start out with great ambition and positive image of what they want to do.  Then they get to school and find out they hate it or that the people around them are making them too sick to love it.  It’s classic.

I admit that to tell a story, you have to have great imagination and sometimes take things to the extreme.  It’s a funny thought that your imagination can actually happen.  That the events you think may occur, has occurred.  Don’t worry its not based on a true story.  But the truth is not too far from it.